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Please excuse this generic message, but I've gotten so many inquiries about the status of C&SM, that I've gotten writer's cramp, answering all the mail...

Here's the deal: I sold the business to Myke O'Clock in Feb., 2003, and he seemed very upbeat and confident about his dedication about putting the next issue out. However, since that time (almost 3 years ago, at this writing) he never produced one single issue. I'm sorry to report that the magazine is officially "dead."

I spent a lot of energy training Myke to take over the magazine, and provided him with the materials and resources to seamlessly take over when I left. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. All of us former C&SM staffers are totally bewildered by Myke's lack of output and communication. He was my former webmaster and even wrote an article for the magazine, while I was still at the helm. Every indication I saw, was that he was the perfect guy to take over the publication, and had the know-how, enthusiasm and skills (and patience) to do it. Why he never did, we'll probably never know. I'm surprised that he's still paying to keep up the web site, when there is no magazine anymore...

I really was proud of the magazine, andI would have loved to have seen it continue to flourish and grow over the future years.

He alone, is responsible for its production, and dealing with any issues owed to you on your subscription. Our deal was that I would retain only the back issues, which I am currently selling from my own web site.

All of his personal web pages have disappeared, as well as good email address for him. He's done a great job of "disappearing." For your information, his real name is Mike Aycock, and at the time I knew him, he was a resident of Portland Oregon. He was a former employee of Amazon.com, and reviewed many CDs for them.

In the past, he has been involved with a multi-media web site called sursumcorda.com, which can be found here. He also several CDs of his own out, which at one time could be found on that site. Perhaps you can contact him there, and ask him why he killed the magazine, and about a refund.

Although it does bother me that there was not a smooth transition of putting out regular (or any) issues of the magazine, it's really out of my hands. Myke is the legal owner of the magazine, and that is that. He still owns the rights to the name, so it's really tied up, legally. He also owes the subscribers and advertisers refunds, obviously. I feel very bad for both everyone, and if I'd have seen this coming, it never would have let it happened this way.

I'm very proud of the fact that for 7 years, I never missed a deadline. I put out a new issue every three months like clockwork. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I took that responsibility seriously, and it was well worth the effort. The magazine was solvent, making a small profit, had no debts, and had fans all over the world.

Thanks to each of you for caring about it, and sending your good wishes, and not placing the blame on me for what's happened. It was always very rewarding to get positive comments about the magazine that I produced, and it still feels good to know that people still care about it.

I hope that answers your questions about the magazine, and I'm sorry that I can't give you more specific answers.

Take Care, and thanks for your support of the magazine, in the 7 years that I was publisher and editor.

Stay Cool,

- Dana Countryman



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