For 30 years, I dreamed of owning a Moog-style modular synthesizer. It was a dream that I had long ago quietly filed to the back of my wish list, since the Moog company went out of business decades ago, and other companies that made modular synths, also stopped making them in the late '70s. Then, recently I learned that several new companies are re-creating the classic Moog sound with their own analog designs. Who ever would have thought!?

After doing a lot of research on these companies, I selected an instrument from, a company owned by electronics wizard Roger Arrick, out of Euless,Texas. I ordered a custom-made, 20-module setup, although I've added more modules since (note, the rather large gaping hole on the bottom right of the synth!) My friend Joe "Guido" Welsh (another "Arrick"-synth owner) wisely suggested that I order a synth with plenty of room for expansion.

For about 5 weeks, I waited impatiently for my synth to come, and finally on August 29th, 2002, the package was delivered to my parents house. I was nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement as my dad and I carefully unpacked the instrument...



Here is my Arrick QCS-44 synthesizer, just arrived and still in its' shipping case







Removed from its case, but still well-packed in bubble wrap











Me, the proud owner!

As it originally looked on that day...

Note the gaping hole in the bottom row...


...since then, I've pumped up my system to 66 spaces, and I intend to KEEP it no larger than that!


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